There once was a servant to a good master. The servant was lazy and wasted his master’s time and wealth. The master gently corrected his servant, and left him to begin working well. The servant didn’t mend his ways, and when his master returned, he was strongly disciplined for his wrong. The servant was sorely grieved.

There once was a farmer who found a treasure in a field. When he found it, he hid it again went home and read a book. Another came along and took the treasure.

There once was a shepherd who was given a beautiful young sheep. The shepherd was careless and one day he could not find the sheep. He mourned the loss of his sheep.

There once was a miner who found a precious ruby that would make him exceedingly rich. He began his journey to the market, but  he started using the ruby to play pitch-and-toss. He lost the ruby in a rushing river.